Commercial Waste Collectors

A Commercial Waste Collector is defined as a person, firm, corporation, or other entity that collects, recycles and/or hauls, for a fee, the solid waste (including recyclable solid waste) generated by other persons, firms, corporations, residential, business, commercial, or other establishments or other entities in New Haven, and includes private haulers, and collectors as defined in the waste disposal chapter of the New Haven Code of Ordinances.

No commercial waste collector shall engage in the collection, haulage, transportation, recycling and disposal of solid waste or refuse generated… without obtaining a license and permit(s) from the New Haven Solid Waste & Recycling Authority, aka permit issuer.

Prior to collecting solid waste (MSW), which includes bulky waste, and/or recyclables Commercial waste collectors are required to provide License and Insurance Information.

How to become a Commercial Waste Collector:


The Transfer Station also offers a license for refuse disposal for businesses that are not classified as Waste Collectors.

How to become a Transfer Station Commercial Customer